Our Mission

Wherever you go, there you are.
"Wherever you go, there you are."

What is the purpose of this site? To provide tips and road maps for the mentally healthy to stay that way. To provide sources to those who are seeking to improve their mental health and for those who are looking for answers to assist their friends with mental health issues within the nomad community. If you have traveled enough as a nomad you are sure to have to run into people with issues. Some are just personality issues, some have substance issues while others are just in a temporary rut and need a push in the right direction. We aim to provide a source of substance to the nomad community and their mental health issues.

Our goal in publishing mentalhealthnomad.com is simple. We want to empower people’s inner lives as they explore the globe. Whether you choose to live a life of endless travel, slow travel, as an expat, or you’re just dipping your toes with “workations,” this blog is written with your mental health in mind.

Most nomad blogs talk in extremes: the inspiring and exciting life of glamour and the horrible mistakes made on the way. We want this blog to be more functional than that and it shouldn’t be about sending you to yet another course on how to make money. We know from our own experience that it can be hard to find trustworthy information online, especially related to non-stationary lifestyles, so we are working hard to fix that!

Friends reflecting on their paths in Taichung, Taiwan
Friends reflecting on their paths in Taichung, Taiwan

The tone we are trying to set here is a challenging one. We want to be levelheaded but not too gloomy. There’s an obvious gap for people in our lifestyle and we hope our posts here lend towards helping others in some small way.

There are simply not enough down to earth places online where the mental implications of an online lifestyle are discussed in an objective manner. We hope this blog contributes in some small way to enabling the conversation to take place.